• Innovation.
  • Consulting, design and project management.
  • Quick adaptation and effective response in the face of market requeriments.
  • Our Engineering Department is qualified to provide an innovative hydraulic service.
  • Design solutions for the toughest of hydraulic design challenges.


  • Design and manufacture of Hydraulic powers and Power packs
  • Design and develop of hydraulic systems, 3D
  • All manufacturing /verification processes are undertaken in Vincke Hydraulics
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification from TÜV / CE Certification
  • More than 30 years of experience, made more than 20.000 hydraulic groups
  • DNV, LLOYDS, BUREAU BERITAS have certified our equipment
  • Customized Hydraulic Solutions

Renewable energy

Energetic sector

Hydraulic groups for wind, solar and sea energy. We have a team of dynamic and flexible engineers with the ability to develop customised solutions.

Waste treatment

Engineering, design and manufacturing of hydraulic systems.


Oil-hydraulic is recommended to move Large Loads and the ease of regulation.

  • Regulating Units for controlling variable pitch Turbines when in operation or in emergencies.
  • Units for Bypass Valves and cylinders as well.
  • Bar cleaning. Movement cylinders and travel motors.

Construction machines

These machines work mainly with hydraulic systems, such as the engines that turn the drill head and Cylinders for Securing and Pushing the machine along, installation of segments, etc. We supply hydraulic units for block Making Machines.


Vincke Hydraulics is having experience on the worldwide market of mobile hydraulic servicing carts, hydraulic power packs and other equipment related to aeronautical maintenance field.

Vincke Hydraulics works with external inspection companies such as DNV, Lloyds Register, ABS, etc, are used by the clients to guarantee the quality and production processes in this sector.

  • Cranes for boats
  • Applications on Offshore Platforms
  • In RORO equipment
  • In deck winches and machinery
  • In hatches and access gates
  • Production and extraction tensors

Agricultural and forestry

We have a team of dynamic and flexible engineers with the ability to develop customised solutions.

Lifting handling

Our hydraulic systems provides solutions for precise positioning of heavy loads.

Special machinery – Machine tools

Vincke Hydraulics combines system solutions, developed specially to meet the requirements of metal forming, with worldwide application experience.

Mobile sector

Our hydraulic systems and components can be used to put in place intelligent solutions for mobile machinery.